IBC has a long history with K12 school district building renovations. At Weedsport Central School District for instance, IBC Engineering has been involved in many projects in a short period of time. We have provided fast track small scale designs to large referendum Capital Projects. Details on these projects are below.

2016 District Wide Capital Project: $12M construction, complete replacement of existing steam heating plants with hot water system and new temperature controls. Add air conditioning to large areas and computer labs. District Wide IP Public Address and Master Clock System, Trane USA temperature controls system replacement district wide procured by New York State Contract. Bid proposal received for Air Handling and Rooftop HVAC equipment from Trane off New York State Contract.

2014 Elementary School Fire Alarm System: $150k new point addressable fire alarm system for the Elementary School with strobes in all classrooms and CO detection.

2013 Pool Renovation Project: $5M complete new pool gutter system and deck replacement, new lighting, fire alarm, filtration systems, gutter exhaust system, pool timing, and video recording systems.

2013 Trane USA Energy Performance Contract: $1M design of lighting energy upgrades, replacement of T12 and T8 luminaires with LED, low-voltage controls. Emergency and exit lighting code upgrades, as well as replacement of steam traps.

2013 District Wide Telecommunication Upgrades: $350k, design to replace existing 100MB fiber to the desktop and singe closet per. building with a Cat. 6 horizontal cable plant and 10 GB fiber backbone. All contracts were bid on NYS OGS Telecommunications Services.

2012 District Wide Security Project: $300k, design of high definition IP video surveillance of indoor and outdoor facilities, as well as LED monitors in main offices.

2012 Junior/Senior High School Fire Alarm System (SED Emergency Project): $150k fast track design in 3-weeks for new point addressable fire alarm system for the Junior/ Senior School renovated with strobes in all classrooms and CO detection.

2010 Junior/Senior High School Gymnasium and Locker Room Renovation Project: $3M completely renovate locker rooms, showers, HVAC, lighting, and fire alarm systems.