North Syracuse CSD – Bear Road Elementary School Zero Net Energy (ZNE)

Client: North Syracuse CSD

Location: Syracuse, NY

In the Bear Road Elementary School at North Syracuse Central School District, officials decided to use this design as a statement of their support of the environment and their community by achieving Zero Net Energy (ZNE) and optimizing the building infrastructure for occupant comfort.

Results: The measures that were utilized for this project included:

  • High Performance Envelope
  • High efficiency lighting systems, including daylighting controls and occupancy sensors
  • High efficiency domestic water heater with supplemental solar water heating
  • Variable speed hot water and chilled water pumping
  • Variable speed fans
  • Demand controlled ventilation
  • Energy recovery ventilation
  • High efficiency boilers and chillers
  • Radiant perimeter heating strategies
  • Displacement Ventilation Diffusion
  • Building approved for NYSERDA incentive