ROCHESTER – IBC Engineering, P.C., an engineering consulting firm specializing in innovative design building systems, is proud to announce it has completed electrical design services for Rochester City School District.

New Federal and New York State mandates require Carbon Monoxide Alarms in all commercial buildings. With that, IBC was commissioned by the district to perform a cost estimate to bring the 60 district buildings up to code. The budget was established at $486,820.

IBC Engineering then walked the district buildings and located CO hazard locations, as well as the fire alarm panels. These locations were documented in CAD and specified for an interconnected CO alarm and detection system.

As a result, all buildings were brought up to current code requirements and the system designs were custom engineered for each building’s technical needs.

About IBC Engineering P.C.

Headquartered in Rochester, N.Y. with an office in Buffalo, IBC Engineering P.C. is an engineering consulting firm specializing in facility mechanical, electrical, plumbing and fire protection systems. With added focus on sustainability, energy performance, and facility operation and maintenance, IBC specializes in cost-effective, high-performance building solutions. IBC Engineering was founded in 1996 and has served many of the area’s top healthcare, education, commercial and industrial facilities.