BUFFALO, NY – IBC Engineering, an engineering consulting firm specializing in innovative design building systems, is proud to announce it has completed services for the Medical Research Center Air Handler (AHU) Glycol Conversion project at Roswell Park Cancer Institute.

Specifically, Roswell Park Cancer Institute (RPCI) sought to improve their existing AHU Glycol Conversion design as the heating coils kept freezing repeatedly. Additionally, they also wanted to increase energy savings with the AHU modifications. In order to achieve continuity of operation, a pair of units were installed with 150 and 300 horsepower serving the main research center for RPCI.

IBC’s design removed the original steam fired heating coils, re positioned the filter racks, and installed a glycol coil and glycol heating plant per air handler. AHU1/2 Fans included removing a pair of 150HP supply fans and replacing them with a 24 module fan array. Smoke and fire dampers were also re positioned and modified interlocks, as well as a unit outlet duct connection, were implemented to reduce losses at unit exit point.

Results of the new design include proper control of these units in low temperature conditions, as well as a project energy savings for AHU1/2 of approximately 418,000kwh or $26,000 per year. Completed in October 2017, IBC Engineering worked closely with Roswell Park Cancer Institute to ensure a smooth process.

About IBC Engineering P.C.

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