ROCHESTER, NY – IBC Engineering, an engineering consulting firm specializing in innovative design building systems, is proud to announce it has completed services for Henrietta Fire Station #5.

Henrietta Fire Station #5 needed a new building to replace outdated facility not suited for modern fire fighters. To design a building that the surrounding public, occupants and Henrietta Fire District was comfortable with, IBC Engineering was selected to provide the following services:

  • Mechanical Engineering Systems Design

  • Electrical Engineering Systems Design

  • Plumbing Engineering Systems Design

  • Fire Protection Engineering Systems Design

Specifically, IBC implemented a Variable Refrigerant Volume system in the occupied areas of the building to provide the necessary heating and cooling requirements. This was coupled with an Energy Recovery Unit to provide ventilation and exhaust. The Apparatus Bay was then served by scavenge and purge exhaust fan systems controlled by space air quality monitoring. Additionally, it was outfitted with high bay, low velocity fans to provide forced air movement and improve space comfort. Aprons and sidewalks were provided with radiant snow melt to increase public safety during snow and ice periods as well, minimizing fire fighter time needed to clear snow away from the building or exit for emergencies.

The interior lighting was designed with LED architectural luminaires to provide versatility for business operations and living spaces meeting IES Guidelines and Energy Conservation Code requirements. Exterior lighting was found to be very challenging due to the orientation of the building versus neighboring residential properties. Special care was taken in engineering the exterior building and pole mounted lighting utilizing LED luminaires with house side cutoff shielding to eliminate light pollution on the adjacent properties. The bunk rooms received a dimming lighting control system tying into the radio system as requested by the Owner to wake occupants when they needed to be alert. Specification grade power receptacles were used throughout the building along with tamper resistant devices in the living spaces. All receptacle branch circuits for the living space were designed with protection utilizing Arc-Fault Interrupter Circuit breakers where required by code. An emergency generator was designed to back up all electrical systems for the building with separation of life safety and standby loads. Some additional capacity was built-in when sizing the generator to accommodate a minimal future growth. An addressable Automatic Fire Alarm System with carbon monoxide protection was designed to meet and exceed code requirements to provide a high level of protection for the building occupants. Horizontal cabling, backbone cabling and associated support equipment was provided for ease of installation and connection of owner vendor provided information technology, telecommunication, CATV, public address and CCTV security equipment.

Plumbing systems included providing a new storm drain with a combination of primary and secondary roof drain with the secondary drains pipe daylight. The gas service is sized for the total connected load necessary and extends to the emergency generator, boilers, water heater, range, snow-melt boiler, clothes dryer, truck wash heater and the apparatus bay heaters. The Sanitary system is connected to two gang locker room areas with showers and is furnished with a grease trap for the kitchen sink and as well as a lint trap for washing machines. The system also has a series of floor trenches in the apparatus bay that is connected to an exterior oil separator to allow for washing of the trucks in this area. A water heating system and building-wide sprinkler system were also provided by IBC to support the building.

To complete these efforts, the company worked closely with HBT Architects and Henrietta Fire District to ensure a smooth design process. This project was completed in early July 2017.

About IBC Engineering P.C.

Headquartered in Rochester, N.Y. with an office in Buffalo, IBC Engineering P.C. is an engineering consulting firm specializing in facility mechanical, electrical, plumbing and fire protection systems. With added focus on sustainability, energy performance, and facility operation and maintenance, IBC specializes in cost-effective, high-performance building solutions. IBC Engineering was founded in 1996 and has served many of the area’s top healthcare, education, commercial and industrial facilities.